Pakistan says UN envoy of Old Afghan government must leave seat

The Foreign of Pakistan minister said on Friday that the United Nations ambassador from Afghanistan has fallen over government had no status and that his seat was with the 193-member organization should remain released for now.

Although they do not support the request of the Taliban for United Nations Representation, Pakistani Foreign ministerShah Mahmood Qureshi, said: in an interview with The New York Times that he had seen clues of improved stability in Afghanistan since the US withdrawal almost a month ago after 20 years of war and occupation.

He went on to say that to his surprise there was no… sign of a dreaded descent in a civil war in Afghanistan over the victory of the Taliban – at least not yet. Pakistan had also not seen an influx of afghan burgers storm the border over, he said, recalling that Pakistan already houses millions of refugees from the long upheaval in its western neighbor. “We don’t have the capacity to absorb” more,” he said.

Although Pakistan has erected a security fence along its porous border with Afghanistan, Mr Qureshi said, “the border is currently open”, and that “because” of Which improved situation, people are started met move back.”

Yet Mr Qureshi allowed for the possibility that a humanitarian and economic collapse in Afghanistan remained a real threat.

Mr Qureshi, who attended the United Nations General Assembly this week, spoke with The Times, not just over the crisis in neighboring Afghanistan but also over the American relationship with his own country.

Although US and Afghan officials have accused Pakistan of Qureshi aided the Taliban insurgency, describing Pakistan as a “supportive ally” of the United States — both during the US-led war in Afghanistan and the abrupt US withdrawal. Any idea Pakistan had worked? against the United States, Mr Qureshi said, was misinformed.

Mr Qureshi spoke as diplomatic drama intensified over who, if anyone, would speak for Afghanistan during the week schedule of annual speeches at the General Assembly, die is being closed on Monday. The last slot on the roster is currently reserved for Afghanistan.

The Ambassador of the fallen government, Ghulam M. Isaczai, remains the officially recognized envoy of Afghanistan at the United Nations. But the Taliban have requested that Suhail Shaheen, the spokesman for the militant movement, in Doha, Qatar, replaces Mr Isaczai and is allowed to speak at the General Assembly.

Mr Qureshi said it was just a matter of waiting of the Taliban’s request was justified. But he also said that Mr Isaczai’s right to represent Afghanistan at the United Nations was indefensible because his government had collapsed and the president, Ashraf Ghani, had fled abroad.

“Who is he speaking” for?” Mr. Qureshi asked about Mr. Isaczai. The best short-term solution for Afghanistan’s UN seat, Mr Qureshi said, is “keep it empty”.

He also rejected the idea of even talk met mr. Isaczai. “What good would it do?” he said. “To me he is of new use.”

Mr. Isaczai, who has kept a relatively low profile in past weeks, did not immediately respond to messages looking for comment.

Wanted who could speak for Afghanistan on On Monday, Stéphane Dujarric, the chief UN spokesman, said: in an e-mail message that says “if for now, the representative of Afghanistan wrote: on the list for On Monday, HE is Mr. Ghulam M. Isaczai.”

The question over who should the rightful representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations should be taken up by the General Assembly Credentials Committee, a nine-member group including China, Russia and the United States. Demand is expected to in October of be answered later.

While Pakistan is not on the committee, the opinion of Mr Qureshi on the case is important because his country is one of Afghanistan’s most influential neighbours, with significant impact on its trajectory under the control of the Taliban.

The UN Security Council, the most powerful body in the organization, has said that the Taliban is an inclusive government, protect the rights of women, girls and minorities, prevent terrorist groups using Afghanistan as a base, allow the free flow of humanitarian aid and allow the exit of all who wish To leave.

Qureshi said Afghan Taliban rulers “are not ignorant” of the international community’s expectations met pertaining to their standard of behavior.

“Of course they will be judged,” he said. “I think they’re starting to understand.”

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