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Pakistan: we have entered into a dialogue with the Taliban to form an inclusive government


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Saturday that his country has initiated a dialogue with the Taliban for a global Afghan government to ensure pace and stability.

He believes that this dialogue is in the interest of the whole region.

He also explained in a tweet via Twitter that in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, meetings took place with the leaders of the countries bordering Afghanistan, adding that after long discussions with the president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, the dialogue was started.

He added that the negotiations are aimed at a government that includes Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks to stabilize Afghanistan, which he considers in the interests of the region’s stability.

International and international requests

Meanwhile, these developments came after the United Nations asked the Taliban movement on Friday to form a global and representative government in which women participate.

Taliban elements

The UN Security Council, in a resolution approved unanimously by its 15 members, extended the work of its political mission for a period of 6 months, until March 17, 2022 in Afghanistan.

In her decision, she also stressed the importance of forming an inclusive and representative government, calling for the full, equitable and meaningful participation of women and respect for human rights, including the rights of women, children and minorities.

No recognition of the Taliban government

It is worth noting that more than a month after taking the reins of power in Afghanistan, the Taliban movement has begun to face a huge task to establish the pace in its ranks and run a country on the brink of ruin.

The Taliban destroy a historic fort in Helmand (Photo: Aswaka Agency)

About two weeks after the announcement of the interim government that will lead the country, none of the external countries have recognized the new authority, although several countries have clarified the need for a dialogue with the new occupants of the presidential palace in Kabul.

Possible human rights violations

In recent weeks, NGOs including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have stressed that the United Nations must maintain its mission in Afghanistan with the aim of reporting any human rights violations.

There is no doubt that the Afghan situation, threatened by a political and economic crisis since the Taliban took control of the country, is worrying neighboring countries, in particularly Pakistan, Tajikistan and Iran, as well as of course China and Russia.

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