Pakistan welcomes the US affirmation of its willingness to strengthen bilateral relations

Islamabad welcomed the US affirmation of its willingness to strengthen long-term bilateral relations with Pakistan.

A Pakistani government spokesman said in a statement released today by the Pakistan News Agency: We took note of comments made by the White House regarding Shahbaz Sharif’s assumption of the post of Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the Pakistani government welcomes those positive comments which confirm the will of the United States to build long-term relations with Pakistan.

He added that Pakistan’s new government is willing to commit in constructive and positive way with the United States to promote the common goals of pacesecurity and development in the region.

He said Pakistan is looking forward to deepening this important relationship based on the principles of equality, mutual interest and mutual benefit.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “We appreciate our longstanding partnership with Pakistan and have always considered a prosperous and democratic Pakistan important to US interests, and this remains unchanged regardless of leadership.