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Palace comes from behind to snatch the 2-1 win over Wolverhampton

LONDON: Iberici Ise and Wilfried Zaha scored Crystal Palace goals in the second half and beat in Wolverhampton Wanderers comeback 2-1 in the Premier League match at Selhurst Park on Tuesday. Both teams have had prime occasions, when Cheikh Doukuri hit the post with a powerful shot for Palace in the fifth minute, before Diego Costa fired from close range for the visiting team deflecting the shot from the goal for a corner kick. Wolverhampton winger Adama Traore, known for his dribbling and shooting more powerful than his aerial skills, opened the scoring in the 31st minute with a superb header from a Hugo Bueno cross that led his team in benefit. The visitors could have taken a two-goal lead in the first half after Traore was fouled out area penalty in added time, but Ruben Neves kicked the missed free kick into the right post. Palace equalized early in the second half with a goal that was more like Traore’s, with Izzy in feet on the far post before scoring with a header that passed in front of the goal before entering in net. Both teams struggled to find the net despite well-prepared attacks and Odson Edouard hit a stunning backhand to pass over the corner in top right of the net during the second half. Edouard caught a glimpse of his teammate Zaha inside thearea penalty to send him the ball e questlast made him slip in Quietly netting in the 70th minute, giving his side victory, while Wolverhampton Wolverhampton had the closest chance when Neves’s shot was saved by Vicente Guaita quietly. The victory pushed Palace to 10th place in ranking with 13 points after 10 games, while Wolverhampton, who scored only five goals in 11 Premier League matches so far in this season, he is 17th with nine points. (Reuters)


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