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Palestine sets the streets of Qatar on fire in view of the launch of the first World Cup in the Arab region

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The capital of Qatar, Doha, and its World Cities live in a climate of great celebrations, which precede the whistle of the launch of the first World Cup tournament organized in the Arab region and in North Africa, but the most important of which is the presence of Palestine which is everywhere. The Qataris have kept the presence of the Palestinians as their top priority. In Qatar the Palestinian flag is hoisted and the popular Dabkeh is being prepared, in through the interaction of Palestinian fans with Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup. During the “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” tour of a series of events taking place in Qatari cities, just hours before the World Cup whistle, one notices the overwhelming Palestinian presence in most of the events and celebrations that the they accompany. Thousands of fans interacted with the widespread calls to confirm and highlight mass solidarity with Palestine with the World Cup organized in the Arab region, and broadcast messages confirming everyone’s solidarity with the cause. About 8,000 Palestinian fans arrived in the state of Qatar to watch the World Cup matches for the first time in the history of the World Cup, after the occupation authorities placed many obstacles and restrictions to prevent their travel, and Palestinians were also in able to obtain consular services at the Palestinian embassy. Palestinians were thrilled by the major football event that billions of people watch on screens, as if it were their land, as they communicate their cause through the events taking place in the various regions of Qatar. A number of Palestinian bands held concerts and their songs were loud in the fan areas. And in Lusail’s “Boulevard”, which houses the stadium that will host the final match of the Qatar World Cup, fans of different nationalities gather throughout the day, wearing the Palestinian flag and chanting popular songs of Palestinian heritage. It was clear that dozens of Qataris were taking to the streets, hoisting their country’s flags next to the Palestinian one. Arab fans who qualified for the World Cup, including Moroccans, Tunisians and Saudis, did the same, as did the popularly present Algerians, even if their team was not qualified. These demonstrations were preceded by an electronic campaign called “Palestinian Dream” with the aim of presenting the Palestinian cause to the world during the World Cup. The campaign was widely popular on social media in Arab countries and activists have asked for participation in the campaign and interaction with the hashtags “Palestinian Dream” and “Why Not”. The world Cup in Qatar and a broad celebration of the cause Palestine and its cause was the most important event of the World Cup in Qatar, the first World Cup organized in the Arab region. It is extraordinary that the generations future are among the most prominent activists in taking up his cause. Young people of different nationalities and backgrounds, in sincere harmony with Palestine, echoing the lyrics of the song “My blood is Palestinian”. And it was in the “Dazzling Generation” event organized at the Qatar Foundation and in the presence of “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” in concurrently with the World Cup, the most important embodiment of this popular cohesion. Qatari journalist Mohammed Abdel Latif and cartoonist of the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq published a cartoon depicting the World Cup logo in the form of a Palestinian keffiyeh, and wrote on it: “Greetings to the Palestinians” . Watch this post on Instagram a post Shared by Slimane Hadj Brahim (@slimanetalk)


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