Palestinian Authority lashes out at Israel for opposite US consulate in Jerusalem

The Palestinian Authority on Sunday condemned Israel for against the reopening of the US Consulate in Jerusalem, which had previously served as de facto diplomatic service mission to the Palestinians.

The PA repeated his call to the US government to reopen the consulate immediately.

Last Friday, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh urged the US to keep its promises to the Palestinians and speed up the reopening of the consulate.

“We think it’s a bad idea”, minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid told reporters last week in response to the US plan to reopen the consulate. “Jerusalem is the sovereign capital” of Israel and Israel alone, which is why we don’t think it’s a… good idea.”

The PA Foreign Ministry said: in a statement: Israel’s stance “does not serve the peace process and disrupts the American and international efforts for build trust and restart negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.”

Palestinian Authority lashes out at Israel for opposite US consulate in JerusalemIsraeli security forces stand guard outside the US Consulate in Jerusalem adjacent to the new US Embassy, on May 13, 2018 (credit: AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP)

It condemned the statements of Lapid and other Israeli officials opposed the reopening of the consulate, which was merged into the US embassy in Jerusalem by the administration of former US President Donald Trump.

The Ministry also condemned “pressure” from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Lapid on the US government to come back on to be decision reopen the consulate.

According to the PA’s Foreign Ministry, the Israeli position is: in the context of the “Israelization and Judaization” of Jerusalem, ethnic cleansing of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and attempts to change its historical and legal status of the city.”

It accused Israel of work to sabotage the efforts of the Biden administration to revive the peace process between the Palestinians and Israel in to blow.

Respond to Bennett’s recent comments in which he was quoted as saying he would not meet with PA President Mahmoud Abbas because: of the latter’s attempts to persecute Israelis for “war crimes” before the International Criminal Court, the PA ministry said: “Those who fear trial before the International Criminal Court must stop immediately met commit more violations and crimes against the Palestinian people and their homeland.”

“Naftali Bennett continues to reiterate his statements and positions die hostile to peace and reject any political process. with the Palestinian leadership,” it added. “The ministry warns against Bennett’s deceptive campaigns and statements, die aim to win more time in favor of continuation of occupation and settlements. Bennett sells illusions to all parties in stock exchange for be calm and kind government in power, while his expansionist colonial project.”

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