Palestinian die stabbed Israelis in Jerusalem is murdered by the police

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian assailant stabbed and injured an Israeli civilian in near the Old Town of Jerusalem on Saturday afternoon, before approaching two Israeli police officers who fired at the attacker, knocked him to the ground and killed him as he lay on road, videos of the confrontation turned out.

The knife attack used to be in at least the fifth in Jerusalem since the start of September, reminiscing of 2015-16, when? scores of Israelis were stabbed by Palestinians in what some called the “knife intifada””, a reference to past Palestinian uprisings against Israeli occupation. It also follows the killing of an Israeli guide by a Palestinian gunman last month, and a spike in violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank.

The nature of the attacker death on Saturday led to allegations that Israeli police killed him after he was felled and incapacitated.

In one video of the scene, die contains no images of the initial attack, the shooter is considered shot three times times after falling to the ground. The recording also seemed to show a third police officer signals to: colleagues fuses firing. The two agents, from the Israeli border guard, have been placed under surveillance, the state broadcaster reports.

The incident sparked fears of renewed unrest in East Jerusalem, downtown of one of the most persistent problems in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. the old town, die lies just in East Jerusalem, home to the most sacred place in Judaism, the Temple Mount and the Aqsa Mosque, one of the most sacred places in Islam.

Israel conquered East Jerusalem from Jordan in 1967 and later annexed. But the Palestinians consider it occupied territory and hope so one day of the capital of a Palestinian state.

disputes over Palestinian land rights in East Jerusalem, linked with several Israeli raids on the complex of the Aqsa mosque, led Hamas, the militant Islamist group in Gaza, to fire missiles in the direction of the city in Can, institution off an 11-day war with Israel. After Saturday’s incident, a Hamas leader condemned the nature of the attacker killing, Palestinian media reported.

in Silence imagery of the incident released by the Israeli government, the attacker walked quietly over a zebra crossing leading to a square next to the Damascus Gate, a major access point to the old city, and a focus of Palestinian Community Life in Jerusalem. When he reached a traffic island, he suddenly turned and repeatedly stabbed an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man behind it. The victim has been identified in the Israeli news media as Avraham Elmaliah, a 20-year-old who was praying at the Western Wall, one of the last other components of An ancient Jewish temple complex.

The attacker was identified by the Israeli state broadcaster as Muhammad Salima, a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank who had served jail term for incentive.

The footage showed Mr Salima then trying to stab an approaching police officer before heading to a… second officer in the neighbourhood. At least one of the officers then shot him and he was seen falling to the ground. AN second video, filmed from a passing car, showed that the attacker was subsequently shot at least three times times after falling.

interviewed in the hospital by the Israeli news media, mr. Elmaliah thanked the police for have intervened. “They saved me,” he is said to have said by… Yedioth Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper. “I wouldn’t be here today without them.”

the Israeli prime minister, Naphtali Bennett, also defended the police officers.

“The Two Warriors took very fast and determined action, as expected of Israeli Police, when confronted with a terrorist who tried to murder an Israeli citizen,” Mr. Bennett said on social media. “L should like for my . to express full support for them. This is how we expect our fighters to act, and this is: how they traded. We don’t have to allow our capital to become a focus of terrorism.”

But Ahmed Tibi, a legislator in the Israeli parliament, and an Arab citizen of Israel, called the episode “A Cold-Blooded Execution” of a wounded man”who presented no danger until anyone.”

Mr Tibic added: “This is a criminal act die investigation required.”

Carol Sutherland contributed from Moshav Ben Ami, Israel.

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