Palestinian elder found dead and handcuffed

An eighty-year-old Palestinian was found dead yesterday morning in a village in the northern occupied West Bank, after Israeli soldiers arrested him and left him handcuffed. Muto: “They stopped the auto in middle of the village, arrested the occupiers, and handcuffed them “.

According to the head of the local council, Omar Abdul Majeed Asaad was returning home after visiting his relatives, when he was arrested, handcuffed, beaten and left. in a building in construction. Asaad was found dead in the prime hours Wednesday morning after the soldiers left the village, according to Mutee. The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the report and said the incident caused Asaad a “heart attack”.

The short statement from the ministry added: “He (Assaad) has been transferred in a nearby medical center, then he was transferred to the Palestine Medical Complex and arrived dead. “