Palestinian factions declare a “Day of Anger” in solidarity with prisoners … and Israel is in alert

Today, Friday, Palestinian cities are witnessing a day of anger against Israel, demanded by factions due to occupation violations against prisoners in prisons, after 6 prisoners were released from Gilboa prison.

An agreement was reached between all factions and forces to consider Friday a day of anger, and a confrontation with the occupation on the contact points in support of the prisoners and a rejection of the Israeli policy of restrictions and violations against them.

Violent clashes broke out between prisoners and guards in several Israeli prisons due to the new restrictions imposed by the Penitentiary Authority against the backdrop of the escape of the six prisoners.

Israeli mobilization

And the Israeli police have raised the alert to the second alert level, in light of the continuous searches of the six prisoners.

The latest estimates by the intelligence services of the Israeli security services indicate that “a number of prisoners managed to enter in West Bank, according to Haaretz, and that entering the heart of the cities of the West Bank to arrest the prisoners will lead to a clash with many armed men who will try to protect them ”.

According to Haaretz, the process of finding the prisoners is estimated to be lengthy, perhaps up to several weeks. Intelligence agencies were also convinced that the prisoners were receiving aid.

Israeli security services estimate that the six prisoners “will eventually be arrested by Israeli forces and are preparing for several possible scenarios to arrest them. The most feared scenario is a confrontation with prisoners ending in their death,” and the intelligence services security believe that in such a situation is likely that the resistance factions in Gaza will launch rockets at Israel.

Special units of the Israeli army and police have mobilized to take in hostage a number of Israeli prisoners, with the aim of negotiating with the occupation authorities.

The security services estimate that they will arrest the six while they were in life, without battles, would lead to a less severe Palestinian response.

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