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Palestinian Football Association supports Qatar against “racist attack”

Gaza – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Palestinian Football Federation and the Palestinian sports family have announced that they are supporting the State of Qatar in the challenges it faces to host the 2022 World Cup. The Federation said today in a statement on Friday about his stance in support of Qatar, especially for what it is facing. From a “prejudicial racist attack” aimed at undermining the exploits it has made to make this hosting a success, Qatar has effectively demonstrated its ability to reach the highest levels of organization and management and to overcome the standard international and continental to host tournaments. The Palestinian Federation referred to Qatar’s success in hosting the Arabian Cup, which it claimed was “unprecedented” success. And as we wholeheartedly stand by our brothers ‘side in the face of this racist attack, which is disgusted by the Arabs’ success in hosting an international event of this level, we assure you that your brothers in Palestine are aware of the scale of this attack and stay with you in their cities, villages and fields in homeland and in the diaspora, and there will be interaction at the official and popular level in all governorates of the country e in all places in which our people are in the diaspora, in in support of your right to host, and in support of all efforts made by Qatar, to bring in World Cup scene in a way worthy of Arabs and Muslims. The Palestinian Federation has announced that exhibition spaces will be allocated to broadcast the activities of this great event, moment by moment, “and with it the support and solidarity of our people with your people and your fraternal country”.


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