Palestinian prisoners in in general, wanted dead of living

The prison break through six terrorists out of the maximum security Gilboa prison in Northern Israel is not only a disgrace, but is a risk for an escalation of violence as security forces sweep across the country in an attempt to catch them.

The way that the six prisoners escaped Gilboa was a scene out of The Shawshank Redemption, except this time it wasn’t Andy Dufresne, but six men who having Israeli blood on their hands.

They dug a hole under the bathroom of their cell and escaped through a tunnel whose exit shaft was right under a watchtower.

According to reports, the guards in have fallen asleep. it was that last part of luck that made it possible men until run through a field to their escape car and far from the prison before officers discovered they were missing from their cells.

In the almost 24 hours since their Hollywood style escape, the six fugitives have become heroes on the Palestinian street. Sweets were handed out out over the territories and the Gaza Strip when: news broke of their escape, with memes also shared over social media show how the escape proved it failure of the profession.

Palestinian prisoners in in general, wanted dead  of  living Police officers and prison guards on site of An prison escape of six Palestinian prisoners, outside the Gilboa prison, Northern Israel, September 6, 2021. Photo by Flash90 (credit: FLASH90)

But how they will hopefully be caught – and what will happen? in meanwhile – is a huge security risk, especially during the high holidays.

The prisoners – including Zakaria Zubeidi, a leader of Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades of Fatah, who played a key role in the Second Intifada – are all considered extremely dangerous. Israeli security officials think they can wear out An attack while on the losers, of die other Palestinians, encouraged by their release, could wear out to attack in an attempt to distract troops from the manhunt. And should the escapees are killed by security forces, a new golf of terror attacks can break out.

The West Bank has a rise in violence over the past few months and IDF troops have been reinforced and deployed in the entire area until catch the fugitives, but also react fast should An attack to take place.

The fugitives have been together responsible for the dead of tens of Israelis and Israeli Security Forces want in order to prevent more bloodshed, especially during the Jewish holidays over the coming month.

Should they decide not to wear? out An attack and instead flight, there are three main locations where the escapees could run: over the border to Jordan, to Gaza, of to Jenin, in the neighborhood where they all come from.

Jenin is not only the birthplace of Zubeidi, but is also one of the more violent cities in the West Bank, and one with high support for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The escapees may find a number of residents ready and willing to help they hide there.

In recent months, Jenin has become a focal point of Palestinian resistance against security forces, with breaking firefights out when troops come in to carry out arrest raids.

Since Operation Guardian of the walls and the cancellation of Palestinian Authority elections, both Hamas and Fatah have fought for dominance in the West Bank. With armed struggle bring out more support after the fights in May in May, armed cells feel more trust to the Israeli security forces in to switch.

The PA has also have been weakened in the West Bank, in the special in Jenin where she little control over to have. Lack of of authority has led to an increase in weapons, die in turn encouraged groups like Tanzim and Palestinian Islamic Jihad go to battle with Israeli security forces.

It is very probable Which should the escapees are in Jenin can follow a big gunfight, which could worsen the situation even further should one of them of IDF troops are killed.

But they probably understand that their days would be numbered should they stay in the West Bank, so maybe instead try escape to Jordan. The border between Israel and Jordan is relatively simple over and from there they can remain without worries of is returned to Israel.

Ahlam Tamimi, who is wanted by the United States for her role in orchestrating deadly 2001 bombing pizzeria Sbarro in Jerusalem that 15 . killed people, has lived in the Hashemite Kingdom after being liberated from an Israeli jail as part of An prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit.

The escapees can also attempt to flee into Gaza. Although the coastal enclave is one of the less likely options due to the blockade and security measures around the entrance to the Strip, men would be in the clear and would only need to worry about being caught by Israel from the… sky.

All of Israeli security services join in in the large-scale manhunt and over 200 checkpoints have passed set up through the whole country. Dogs and airplanes are also is used and the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Service) is using its technological and human intelligence capabilities to gather intelligence.

Security forces are working around the clock to catch the fugitives back behind bar. It could be a few days, if not a few weeks of take months. But security officials are adamant they will be found: dead of living.

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