Pamela Anderson Confesses She’s ‘Not An Easy Wife’ Following Her Short-Lived Marriage

Following her really brief 12- days long marriage, Pamela Anderson confessed that she is simply not that proficient at the entire ‘wife’ thing! The starlet informed her lots of followers that while she would consider herself really talented in other elements of her life, such as motherhood, she’s simply ‘not a great wife’ which’s Okay! ‘you can’ t have it all,’?

This follows she validated that her less than 2 weeks long marriage to Jon Peters pertained to an end prior to they might even formally submit their marriage certificate!

A couple of days earlier, she first tweeted that ‘I only wanted to be married once … doesn’ t everybody? I have a gorgeous family, I am an excellent mommy … simply not an excellent spouse– can’t have all of it.’

Which was not all! She went back to the platform to likewise compose: ‘I’ m not an easy spouse,’ without entering information about just what she suggested.

Pamela first took her fans by surprise when she revealed that she had actually wed her buddy of several years, Jon Peters, in a secret and intimate event!

Nevertheless, the real shock came no more than 12 days later on when she shared that they had actually chosen to separate!

The set dated for a bit in the 1980 s and after splitting, stayed pals and next-door neighbors for more than 30 years prior to they revived their love in 2015.

Nevertheless, their romantic participation did not last almost as long as their relationship– undoubtedly– and it sounds like the stopped working marriage may have destroyed their long time relationship in the procedure!


On February 1, Pamela launched a declaration through The Hollywood Press reporter, in which she revealed: ‘We would be really grateful for your support while we take some time apart to reevaluate what we want from life and one another. Life is a journey and love is a process.’

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