Panesar bowled at a higher pace than Leach: Tendulkar

. Kushan Sarkar . New Delhi, Feb 4 (PTI) Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar believes that the success of spin bowlers Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar in England’s victory in the Test series on the 2012 tour of India is largely He was supposed to bowl at a higher pace than usual while he has not seen Jack Leach doing so. Left-arm spinner Jack Leach bowls at a slightly slower pace than the Swan and Panesar pair and his chances of success will only increase if he keeps pace changes on pitches that are helpful to the spinners. “He (2012) was a different type of attack and Swann was one of the world’s top spinners at the time,” Tendulkar said in an exclusive interview to PTI-language Thursday. Monty (Panesar) was a bowler who did not believe in flying the ball. He relied on feeding the ball fast on the pitch. “Monty used to bowl at a fast pace, he was completely different from Leach.” Unlike Monty, he (Leach) bowls a little slower. “Tendulkar feels that leeches do not mix in their pace which is essential for a spinner-assisted pitch. The former great batsman, who has scored the most centuries in Tests and ODIs, said, “He bowls at the same pace as I have seen him.” If the pitch is helping the ‘turn’ more, then mixing in speed is necessary as it gives the batsmen less time to recover. Monty and Swan adopted a similar policy in 2012. “Tendulkar believes that due to the red soil and humid weather, the ball will start to reverse swing from the 15th over and will be there till the 60th over.” “I think fast bowlers will have to play a bigger role in Chennai and in such a situation the importance of reverse swing will increase.” I think the ball will reverse swing from the 15th to the 60th over. The batsman has less time when the ball is reverse swinging. He said, “The ball can also reverse swing from 60th to 80th hour but due to the softness of the ball, the batsman will have more time to adjust.”