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“Panic Among Netflix Users: An Incredible Gag!”

A joke from the “Netflix” network has caused panic among its users in recent weeks, after it announced a campaign to share passwords.

These details on how the password settings work were only meant to be a guide for the experiments in the three South American countries.

However, the details were mistakenly shared publicly with other countries on Wednesday, with the tech giant posting key details on its website this week.

Users discovered the details on the US and UK tech support pages, though they were quickly taken down.

New password sharing terms

Specifically, users will need to connect to Wi-Fi networks, in their primary location, at least once every 31 days to ensure their devices continue to access their accounts on the platform.

Instead, devices that are not connected to the main “Netflix” account site will be banned, unless the account owner pays an additional amount to increase another member’s subscription.

While the details have been removed from the US and UK pages, they remain on the FAQ pages for Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica.

Each “Netflix” account is associated with a “Netflix Household”, i.e. the home network and the “Wi-Fi” network of the person paying the bill, and anyone who lives there can access it with any device.

Netflix house

But the new guidelines state that the account must be registered with a device on Netflix Home every 31 days to convert it in a “trusted device”.

A reliable device can be used to watch Netflix even when you are away from your home Wi-Fi network.

Devices that sign in to your account outside of the Netflix family and haven’t done so in the last month may be blocked from watching Netflix.

And if you are in trip, you can request that a four-digit code be sent to the bill payer and, once entered, you can continue watching.

Interestingly, “Netflix” currently allows up to five profiles on one account, each of which has algorithmically supported viewing recommendations.

This feature was originally designed in so that more family members, such as children, could enjoy the content without having to create their own account and pay the monthly fee.

Same house

For years, its Terms of Service stated that users of the account must live in the same household, but it didn’t take any firm action until 2023.

However, she’s definitely changed tack since she tweeted “Love is sharing a password” in 2017.

According to the Intellectual Property Office, password sharing on Netflix and other video streaming platforms violates copyright law and is therefore illegal.

However, it is up to the companies themselves to take action in court if necessary, and there is no indication that Netflix will attempt to do so.

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