Panic in a Canadian university … wounded, shooting and armed arrest

Four people were injured in a shooting on Friday near a Montreal university, and they were taken in hospital, a police source confirmed.

Police arrested a gunman in an educational institution in the Montreal region and a number of students had to hole up at the request of the police during their intervention.

Police spokesperson Genevieve Major told AFP that gunshots were heard at 5:30 pm local time (10:30 pm GMT). in a park across from Montmorency University in the Montreal suburb of Laval.

Four people who were shot at took refuge in the kidney and were subsequently taken in hospital with minor injuries.

The university, which includes about 10 thousand people, including students and teachers, has remained closed in evening, while the police started a manhunt in search of the killer.

Mayor Stefan Boyer said on his Twitter account that he was “in a police operation underway “.

Earlier, a 19-year-old man, wearing a flak jacket, was arrested in a university 40 kilometers south of Montreal on suspicion of threat.

Students and staff told the media locals who have been ordered to hole up in queue and turn off the lights for most of the day while the police were conducting an operation outside.

Quebec Minister of Public Security Francois Bonnardel tweeted that the students at the institute “faced a difficult situation today.”

“I feel relieved by the course of events,” he added.

In a video on Twitter, a mother explained to one of the students that her son was in school and felt very bad for him.