Panjshir rebels move to mountains, Tajiks call for Grab PMs boycott : The Tribune India

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New Delhi, September 11

On the twentieth birthday of the 9-11 attacks, the Taliban removed the tricolor Afghan flag and replaced it with his white flag in the Afghan presidential palace, but the banner of defiance in Panjshir Valley stayed in the sky.

The Taliban confirmed the rebels’ claims that the resistance in Panjshir Valley had not been crushed and that the fighters had sought refuge in caves and shelters in the mountains.

The Taliban military offensive against the Panjshiris na just three hours of conversations, along with rumors of Pakistani involvement has further incensed neighboring Tajikistan.

A large number of Civil society activists have petitioned the government of Tajikistan to ban Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan from attending a summit of regional countries next week. Human rights activist Oynihol Bobonazarova and filmmaker Anisa Sabiri were among the signatories who sought a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) inquiry into Pakistani involvement in crush the resistance in panjshir.

The strong feelings in Tajikistan heading for a Pashtun-dominated takeover of Kabul was explicitly flagged by Tajik President Emomali Rahmon in a meeting with The Pakistani minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Tajik civil society did not want Pakistan’s Prime Minister to Visit Dushanbe Until He “Refuses to Interfere” in Afghanistan’s internal affairs” and an inclusive government is created in Kabul.

Although the Taliban claimed to have taken all the districts of Panjshir Valley, the National Resistance Front (NRF) said: “The Mujahideen, the resistance forces and your sons will fight to the death to defend your values ​​and honor.”

“Right now there are resistance forces present in all mountains,” local media quoted the Panjshiri politician Abdul Latif Pedram as saying.

The resistance is led by Ahmad Masood and Amrullah Saleh, both of to whom has not been heard of for more than a week.

the Taliban says they fled to Tajikistan but according to the NRF they are there in keep the country off the Internet for security reasons.

Panjshir residents have told locals media of numerous problems like shortage of food and closure down of telecom services and power.

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