Panjshir resistance: we will continue to fight the Taliban after the negotiations fail

declared resistance in the Panjshiri The fight against the Taliban will continue in northeastern Afghanistan after negotiations between it and the movement fail, firstpost reported Thursday.

The Taliban said on Wednesday that negotiations with the leaders of the Panjshir province were in vain, pointing out that it is the only province still far from the reach of the movement in the country.

repel a great attack

mention it Resistance front in Panjshir Ahmed Masoud’s affiliate announced Wednesday that 115 Taliban had been killed, 200 wounded and 35 captured during the battles.

Front spokesman Fahim Dashti confirmed that a serious attack by the movement on the province was rejected, adding that the resistance forces managed to destroy the Taliban armored vehicles and artillery.

Panjshir resistance: we will continue to fight the Taliban after the negotiations fail

Resistance members in Banshjir (AFP)

This took place while the Taliban confirmed that they had advanced into the Panjshir province, in following the most violent clashes since the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Do not hand over the mandate to the Taliban

Interestingly, the Afghan commander of the besieged forces in Panjshir insists not to hand over the province to the Taliban, who controlled almost the entire country.

On August 25, Ahmed Masoud said that Russia could mediate between him and the Taliban, stressing the need to make Panjshir a buffer zone.

Ahmed Masoud (archive)

Ahmed Masoud (archive)

Interestingly, Panjshir is the birthplace of Ahmad Shah Massoud, one of the most prominent leaders of the resistance against the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989.

The Taliban have not yet managed to enter the province, controlled by the armed forces led by Ahmed Masoud, son of Ahmed Shah Massoud, after questlast was killed by al-Qaeda in 2001.

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