Panthers’ P.J. Walker will miss the XFL, says it was ‘real football’

P.J. Walker was the XFL’s first breakout star this spring, and among its first players to protect an NFL agreement after the league closed down. He says he made that chance by playing “real football,” which people may question because, after all, this was Vince McMahon’s league.

Walker says he and every other XFL gamer was on an objective to get to the NFL or, in his case, return toit The former Temple quarterback was with the Colts for parts of 3 seasons however was restricted to the practice team.

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“See, when most people hear XFL, they think of pro wrestling and HE HATE ME jerseys — the stuff everybody remembers from the old XFL’s only previous season, in 2001. The new league that I played in was still owned by Vince McMahon, but there was nothing pro wrestling about it. It was real football,” Walker composed for The Players’ Tribune.

“Most XFL teams were really, really good. No gimmicks. No controversies. And I felt like the longer the season would’ve gone the better the league would have gotten — more intense, more competitive,” Walker added.

Walker never ever lost an XFL game; the Roughnecks were 5-0 when play was suspended in March since of the coronavirus break out. The league never ever returned. McMahon stated it insolvent in April and put it into liquidation.

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Now, Walker’s college coach, Matt Rhule, is providing his old quarterback a chance to contend for a backup role with the Panthers.

Walker would like to see lots more XFL alums in NFL uniforms, particularly with the NFL broadening team lineups. He thinks the league’s skill level was that great.

“That’s why I’m going to miss the XFL something fierce — and why the NFL will, too,” he composed to close his piece.

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