Parents of an American prisoner in Russia: We hope that Putin and Biden will give our son back

“Hopefully they can come to an agreement, be it an early release of Trevor or a prisoner swap,” said die Mother of in Russia imprisoned former Marine Corps officer Trevor Reid.

Paula Reed added that die Family does not know what options will be put on the table for the upcoming meeting today between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

She also made it clear that the most important thing die Her son’s return home, regardless of how it happened, be it an early release agreement for Trevor or a prisoner swap, according to Fox News.

For his part, his father, Joey Reed, said that many Russians in American prisons were incarcerated for nothing to do with serious crimes and suggested that they be deported instead of them in To house and keep millions, in Regarding a prisoner exchange with Russia to release his son.

Parents of an American prisoner in Russia: We hope that Putin and Biden will give our son back

Trevor Reid (Reuters)

The parents of Trevor, who has been for two years in sitting in a Russian prison, hope that die Presidents Biden and Putin reach an agreement to secure his freedom.

Reed, 29, visited Russia to die Learning a language and visiting his Russian girlfriend when he was arrested in August 2019 after being in a car accident while under the influence of drugs.

His military background confirmed die Russians

In addition, his father stated that everything in Be okay, but die Things changed when die Authorities learned of his military background, which drew the attention of the Russian Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, which subsequently conducted its own interrogations.

Reed was eventually charged by Russian authorities with assaulting a police officer in a car accident and was sentenced to nine years in prison last year.

John Sullivan, US Ambassador in Moscow, called die Condemnation “ridiculous” and an example of “theater of the absurd”.

“This condemnation and die Sentencing to nine years in prison for an alleged crime that apparently did not take place is absurd, “Sullivan said at the time in an explanation. “I can’t even say that justice has been done wrong because it is clear that justice has not been considered,” he added.

Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

Health problems in prison

Trevor caught the coronavirus last month, and in a letter dated June 7th to his family, written under the terms of the Russian prison system in was written in Russian, he complained of lung pain and weight loss.

Reed’s parents also accused the Russian authorities of preventing them from seeing and communicating with him and of not treating him properly, according to Fox News.

In an interview with NBC News on Friday, Putin called Reid a “drunk” and a “troublemaker”.

In the same interview, Putin said he was open to a prisoner exchange and ready to sign an extradition agreement with the United States to repatriate Russian prisoners.

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