Paris draws a triple plan of revenge from Real Madrid

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Press sources reveal Paris Saint-Germain’s plan to take revenge on Real Madrid, after losing the third consecutive battle in the fight of the two giants for the precious jewels in the player market, and referring to the young Brazilian, Andric, kidnapped by the club of Palmeiras, after fierce competition with the wealthy of the French capital. And according to the American network “ESBN”, the club Parisian took preparation stance, to counterattack against the club Meringue, after the loss of the jewel of Palmeiras, as the third deal that the dream team lost to Real, after the first shot, by inserting David Alaba on a transfer zero in summer 2021, and likewise German defender Antonio Rudiger in the latest transfer market. And the report said decision-makers in the Garden of Princes approach these strikes, as mere battles lost, before the time comes for the big war, or as it has been described as the time for revenge for the three accords, targeting the Manchester City striker Erling Braut Haaland, strongly wanted in the “Santiago Bernabeu”, to succeed the captain Karim Benzema in a not too distant future. And the same source said that the Parisian administration will do whatever it is in his power to sign with the Scandinavian beast, also to ensure the future of the attack until the end of this decade, by uniting Haaland and the destroyer Kylian Mbappe in a line of attack, and also by them to deal a blow to Real Madrid’s plans, which puts the young twenty-year-old in tops the list of candidates to lead the offense in the post world player of the Year quest’year. Despite Haaland’s association with Manchester City on a long-term contract, most of media spanish, in particularly what is known as the community of media affiliated to president Florentino Perez, doubts his stay with the Sky Blues for more than two seasons since in which Borussia Dortmund joined last summer, in based on a clause in his contract, according to which he has the right to leave the team before the start of his third season, for a fee not much higher than the costs of his departure from the Festivalia Lions, which have been estimated in 75 million euros. Haaland scores a season that borders on the term “spherical perfection”, helping to score a total of 27 goals from his participation in 19 games in various competitions, with a total of 24 goals since his signing as well as 3 assists, including 18 goals in tops the English Premier League goalscorers list, by 5. Goal for his closest pursuer, Tottenham captain Harry Kane.