Paris racist bombing perpetrator’s father reveals details about him… and his mother: My son is a zombie

In an exclusive interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien”, the parents of the Parisian attacker told some details about the life of their son, William Malley, who has taken the world by storm with his racist aggression, and is accused of having committed an attack armed in the tenth arrondissement of the French capital, on Friday 23 December, which killed three people and injured three others, belonging to the Kurdish community.

According to the information, the attacker has a history of assaulting foreigners, but is not known to the authorities due to his association with far-right organizations, although he identified himself when the police arrested him as a racist.

In her interview with the newspaper, the mother of the attacker revealed that her son seemed eccentric days before he carried out the horrific attack, describing him as a zombie just days before the incident.

Demonstrations in Paris after the attack on the Kurdish Cultural Center in the 10th arrondissement

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The mother revealed: “The night before the attack we played Scrabble as if nothing was going to happen. We felt that prison had changed him. His appearance was fixed and empty and his movements were very slow. He was like a zombie to the last few days, but as he spoke very little, we suspected nothing”.

As for the father, he recalled his son’s childhood, and regretted saying: “From his youth he was always isolated and silent, while his younger brother was the exact opposite of him”. Sexual”.

According to his parents, William Malley lived a very simple and isolated life near them, and his salary as a railwayman in pension allowed him to rent a decent apartment outside Paris without difficulty, but he decided early in his retirement to return to Paris. inhabit in an apartment adjacent to that of the parents in a studio flat of six square meters, without services.

His parents said he lived an ascetic life, did not consume alcohol, did not smoke, did not even own a cell phone and his activities were limited to karate and archery exercises. He learned languages ​​and became interested in culture, “he learned to read and speak in Russian and Hebrew, contrary to our family customs because we are French of Catholic culture, but this was his wish and he was also an expert in geography and history of the kings of France”.

Commenting on his assault on the Kurds, his father said: “It is an unforgivable act and a wholly disproportionate revenge that haunts him since the case of the robbery of his house, in Livry-Gargan (district of Seine-Saint-Denis near Paris) .” Referring to the episode of theft to which the attacker was subjected in 2016 in his home, which gave rise to in he feelings of hatred for immigrants and the desire to kill them, according to his father’s estimation.

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