Paris Saint-Germain: The Significance of Neymar’s Absence on the Field

Paris Saint-Germain manager Christophe Galtier has expressed concern over Brazilian player Neymar’s absence for several months due to injury. Though the club has alternative offensive options, Galtier feels that Neymar’s absence will be a significant loss for the French Premier League champions. Neymar will be undergoing surgery on his ankle in Qatar after an injury on February 20, and his absence from the last two matches of the club has already been noticeable. The St. Germain forward has scored 13 goals and assisted in 11 in the French league in this season, which makes his absence even more difficult for the club. Galtier believes that the team has the potential to adapt and come up with new strategies without Neymar, but his loss will certainly affect the team’s performance. At present, St. Germain is leading the championship, eight points behind second-placed Olympique de Marseille. (Reuters)