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Parties in Taiz accuse the United Nations of covering up Houthi crimes


On Friday, Yemeni political parties and members accused the United Nations of covering up victims of the Houthi attack and targeting civilians in Taiz and in numerous governorates.

A statement released by political parties in Taiz condemned the silence of the United Nations and its envoy in the face of the “heinous crimes” of the Houthi militia in “targeted attacks against purely civilian structures such as a children’s park, hospitals, a sports center club and residential neighborhoods, which killed a number of civilians. “

He added: “It is a strange international paradox, and contradictions of positions, that these successive crimes occur in the light of what the United Nations and its Secretary-General’s envoy in Yemen call the truce, which has lasted for more than a month without the slightest respect for this truce by the Houthi militia and terrorist gangs “.

The statement regrets what it described as “the suspicious silence shown by the United Nations and its envoy in Yemen regarding these terrorist practices of Houthi terrorist gangs “.

The parties and the political components have expressed their amazement at the enactment of the United Nations to “praise the truce in concomitant with these crimes, and the worst thing is that the silence of the United Nations has been exploited by the Houthi terrorist militia as a green light to continue practicing such crimes that did not even care to target children and hospitals “.

He stressed that “the people of Taiz are awaiting the opening of the crossings from their besieged city as a central issue and one of the measures discussed to alleviate their humanitarian suffering within the announced armistice agreements, but it has happened. on the contrary, since these militias commit these crimes, but rather go beyond this question to the position of the United Nations which are not those responsible for the open position of a terrorist militia and the silence on its crimes ”.

The parties called on the United Nations and its envoy to issue a clear condemnation of the Houthi crimes against civilians, reiterating their call for a clearer stance and condemnation of the Houthi militia and its non-compliance with the truce despite the passage of more than 35 days of respite set for sixty days.

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