Patrick Vieira isolated after testing positive for COVID-19

Crystal Palace announced on Sunday that its French manager, Patrick Vieira, has contracted the Corona virus, and will therefore miss his team’s match against Tottenham in the 19th stage of the Premier League.

The club added: “His Welsh assistant Osian Roberts will replace Vieira in today’s match (Sunday).” The Corona cases in the English Premier League have recently erupted, which made it necessary to postpone three games, including Liverpool and Leeds, on the day of “Boxing Day”, famous for the English Premier League with a historical tradition, since its matches take place the day after Christmas.

Aston Villa announced on Saturday that manager Steven Gerrard had contracted the virus and would miss his side’s next two games against Chelsea on Sunday and against Leeds on Tuesday. The number of matches postponed in the last two weeks due to the Corona virus rises to 13, while i club Premier League, during a meeting of their association and the League, refused the option to temporarily suspend the season in order to limit the spread of the virus among the players and the technical, medical and administrative staff of the teams. The “Covid-19” is hitting hard in Britain recently, as the UK recorded 122,000 new infections on Friday, according to the health authorities’ daily report, in a new number record caused by the Omicron mutant.

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