Patriots footage of Bengals movie leaks ahead of week 15 meeting of team

Fox Sports posted videos of the confrontation between the Patriots video games and the safety of the Bengals that led to the NFL’s New England investigation into the Cincinnati lineup in Week 14.

In the 90-second clip that was aired by Fox before the teams’ Week 15 game, Cincinnati guards and Patriot videographers are heard. The security officer records a screen showing some of the footage captured by the videographer.

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“I don’t know why you think you could do that,” Bengals says.

“I didn’t know,” answers one videographer. “I didn’t know, I’m sorry.”

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The videographer has repeatedly suggested deleting the video after and there, but security didn’t buy it, laughing and saying, “Damage becomes my friend.”

The scandal erupted the day after Cincinnati’s Week 14 game against the Browns in Cleveland. A reporter asked Bengals coach Jacques Taylor to talk about rumors that the Patriots were marching on and admitted he “knew there was an incident” investigating the NFL, but declined further comment.

New England coach Bill Belitz said he and his coaching staff “have absolutely nothing to do” with the videographer, who was there to film a feature on a Patriots explorer. But in a video released by Fox – which journalist Jay Glazer said has about eight minutes to the side – Bengals security points out that the screen shot does not include the detector at all.

“There is no way I can get this video back,” one of the videographers says in the video. “I’m honest with you and I don’t have a computer to put it anywhere.”

The Patriots have admitted that recording the video was against the rules, but they stand by the claim that the football side of the organization is not to blame. CBS Sports announced Sunday the NFL is considering a series of possible penalties for New England, including the loss of a draft pick, fines or management suspensions.

The Patriots started the Bengals at 1 p.m. at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday.

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