Paul Mescal shares uncertain thoughts regarding Gladiator 2

In the glittering world of Hollywood, Paul Mescal finds himself at a crossroads, uncertain about the potential consequences of starring in Gladiator 2 and the looming prospect of becoming a household name.


A Candid Conversation with The Times UK

The actor, renowned for his roles in hits like Normal People and Aftersun, recently opened up in an interview with The Times UK. Mescal delved into his thoughts about the Ridley Scott-directed sequel and the ambiguity surrounding the level of fame it might bring.

 Fear of Fame Impacting Personal Life

Expressing his concerns, Mescal shared that he is unsure about the difference the movie will make in his life. He contemplates the possibility of more public recognition and ponders on the potential toll it could take on his personal well-being, admitting that it could lead him to a state of profound depression.

An Ominous Choice: An “Obtuse Play

Looking ahead, Mescal reflects on the impact of fame, suggesting that if it significantly affects his life, he might be compelled to take an unconventional path. He humorously mentions doing an “obtuse play nobody wants to see” as a means of moving on from the pressures of fame.

 Mescal’s Dedication to Craft and Artistic Integrity

The Oscar-nominated actor emphasizes his passion for acting and the seriousness with which he approaches his roles. He expresses discomfort with the trend of using social media metrics, such as follower counts, to determine casting decisions. Mescal firmly believes that acting should never be reduced to mere numbers of Instagram followers.

Challenging the Perception of “Content” in the Industry

Mescal raises concerns about the industry’s shift towards viewing films and TV shows as mere “content.” He passionately argues that this perspective is detrimental, emphasizing that acting is not just about creating content but is, in fact, a form of artistic work. He expresses a fear of the industry losing its care and artistic integrity. In a thought-provoking stance, Mescal draws a distinction between two concurrent industries. One, driven by numbers and Instagram followers, lacks care and artistic integrity. The other, which he identifies with, revolves around the traditional craft of filmmaking, highlighting elements like directing, lighting, and production design as the essence that keeps artists alive and audiences engaged

Gladiator 2, scheduled for a theatrical release on November 22, features an ensemble cast including Paul Mescal alongside Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn, and Connie Nielsen. The movie promises to be a cinematic event, bringing together a stellar cast under Ridley Scott’s direction.

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