Paulinho’s surprise does not hide Hassi’s imminent decision

The administration of Al-Ahly, led by Majid Al-Nafi’i, surprised the sports community by announcing the disengagement between it and the Brazilian Paulinho by mutual agreement between the two parties, less than two months from the contract with the player.

Al-Ahly fans staked a lot on the Paulinho affair as soon as it was officially announced at the last Summer Market, and the people of Al-Ahly were optimistic about their team’s return to known levels after a forgotten season. in the latest edition of the championship.

But with the success of the matches, Paulinho did not deliver what was expected of him, and it can be said that he did not offer anything in first place.

With the same surprise as the contract with Paulinho, the surprise of his dismissal was even more powerful and powerful.

The decision to do without Paulinho, some people of Al-Ahly did not like, and criticized the administration, for neglecting a player of Paulinho’s size, justifying their criticism that the player may need more time to harmonize.

Majed Al-Nafi’i, president of Al-Ahly, burdened with concerns about his team’s results and his inability to get a single win so far, came out to address those who were angry about the decision to leave Paulinho, and he spoke from his heart, saying: How do you want to keep a player who doesn’t want to stay, doesn’t want to play and asked to leave?

Then Al-Nafi’i said: The club is no longer entitled to a million riyals as a monthly salary that the player receives, and he does not give anything to the team?!.

And when Paulinho came out to justify his decision to walk away through “Action, My League”, the player tried to find excuses, and searched right and left for justifications for his decision, but it was clear he didn’t have a convincing justification. to leave.

And between Al-Nafie’s speech and Paulinho’s speech, there are small details that ultimately make up the truth, that the audience must realize, that the club they pay generously, and therefore each player must play his role, and do what is required of him.

Despite the decision to do without Paulinho, the Al-Ahly fans are still waiting for the other decision, that of dismissing Albanian coach Bisink Hasi, where the fans have gathered, assuming that he is responsible for everything. what happens to the team, and must be changed before it’s too late.

And one of Al-Ahly’s former coaches came out, through a video clip, revealing mistakes made by the Al-Ahly administration, which has had a part of what is happening to the team. in this moment.

The said coach Yahya Amer in a video clip, broadcast on social, asking, “How can the CEO be a coach?”, referring to speeches by Musa Al-Mahyani, Executive Director of Football at the Al-Ahly Club in some technical specialties.

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