Payday 3: Always-Online Connection Required for Both Single-Player and Multiplayer Gameplay

Payday 3: Always-Online Gameplay Confirmed

Payday 3, a game that offers both multiplayer and single-player options, will require an online connection to play, even in single-player mode.

In a livestream, Almir Listo, Starbreeze’s global brand director, confirmed that regardless of the game mode chosen, players will need to be online to play. This requirement is due to the game being made in Unreal Engine and offering cross-progression and cross-play features.

Although AsumeTech is seeking further clarification, this news has stirred negative reactions on social media. Subreddit discussions about potential future shutdowns and the game’s preservation have been flooded with memes.

If the always-online connection is mandatory, it means the longevity of the game and a player’s ability to enjoy it will be dependent on how long it is supported by the developers. Furthermore, any physical copies of the game would become useless if the servers shut down.

In our recent preview of Payday 3, we highlighted the possibility of the game being a challenging but enjoyable experience. We mentioned that while some friend groups might find the stealth heists a daunting task, others would embrace the new stealth systems for a refreshing level of replayability.

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