PCB can be remaining hosting matches of postponed-PSL in UAE

A circuit board official confirmed that talks had started with die ECB to hold the rest matches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. “Things are being worked on out But above all it has die ECB expressed their confidence that they die PSL can accommodate matches even in the short term, “he said.

The official said, that die Circuit board wanted to hold the rest matches from June 1st in Karachi, but the National Command and Operations Center, which oversees all Covid-19-related issues, believed there might be one spike in positive cases in June after the Eid Holidays.

The NCCC apparently advised the circuit board to look it up for other options around die Host PSL. The board official said, that die only one issue in Hosting matches in UAE was that it could send out a wrong message to overseas players and boards over playing in Pakistan.

“It is with great difficulty and work this international cricket has returned to Pakistan, also we need to look at that point of view also there we have two or three upstairs teams like England and New Zealand will be later in Pakistan tours year,” he said.

The official said die Circuit board would also work out all cost-effective details with die ECB, as it would now also have to pay basic fees, increased hotel prices and transport costs.

“As soon as we get that cost Details about die event in In the UAE we will speak to the franchises and decide what to do. One is clear: die PSL 6 remains games can only be held in June because there is no other window available these year”he added.

Meanwhile is die former Chairperson of the board, Najam Sethi who started die PSL in 2016 feels strange players might not be interested play in Pakistan because of die Covid-19 situation.

“Permission from the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), die Keep PSL matches as before schedule [June 1-17] should not be a major issue for die Circuit board. “But I think strange players are not ready to visit Pakistan that has been admitted in the Red one list of several countries in die Backdrop of a global Covid-19 crisis, “Sethi told Dawn newspaper.

The board and all six PSL franchise on Friday stopped virtual Meet and prefer Dubai as die new Venue but Sethi felt that die PCB had made a terrible one mistake by stopping the league midway in Karachi on 4th of March. “The remaining 20 matches could have been held with a solid bio-safe bubble with no onlookers, “he said.

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