Pelé is “ready” to leave the ICU

The 80-year-old daughter of Brazilian football legend Pele, Kelly Nascimento, announced on Monday that her father is “ready” to leave the intensive care unit at the São Paulo hospital, where he is. in cure after having colon cancer removed. “He is recovering well from the operation,” Kelly said on her Instagram account, attached to a photo of her smiling father. He’s not in pain, “he joked, adding,” He’s in a good mood (just a little annoyed because he can only eat jelly but he’ll persevere!).

And she added: “I’m ready to get out of the ICU and go home soon.” Pele’s health has deteriorated in recent years and he has been hospitalized several times, most recently in April 2019 in Paris, due to an acute urinary tract infection. On the way back in Brazil, a kidney stone was removed. Pele has only had one kidney since he was a player. A rib fracture during a match damaged his right kidney, which was eventually removed.

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