Pele underwent surgery to remove a colon polyp

Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein hospital announced on Monday that Brazilian football legend Pele, 80, was operated on Saturday for colon cancer, adding that he was “recovering”. in an intensive care unit.

The hospital, where Bleh was admitted on Aug.31, said the tumor was discovered during the test cardiovascular and laboratory routine and that materials were sent for analysis.

The three-time world champion wrote on his Instagram account: “Thank God I’m fine (…) Luckily I’m used to celebrating big victories by your side. I’ll play this new game with a smile and a lot of optimism.”

The hospital stated in a note that Pele will be discharged from ICU on Tuesday.

And many media locals announced Monday that Pele was hospitalized in hospital in Sao Paulo six days ago due to health problems that appeared during routine examinations.

And the “G1” news site indicated that Buble (80) had been admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital since August 31.

That day, the three-time world champion posted a message about social, in which he claimed to be “in good health “and denied rumors that he had lost consciousness.

He said in his blog on August 31: “I went in hospital for test routine that I couldn’t do before due to the epidemic, “not to mention that it remained in hospital.

Different media Brazilians reported that “health problems” were discovered during these tests, which prompted doctors to keep him in hospital.

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