Pelosi, McCarthy big-money campaign donors who donate in advance, with Home up for grab

Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy


With averages over a year via, the rich donors have already began giving massive controls to committees linked to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, according to new record.

Second-quarter Registers of the Federal Electoral Commission of the fundraising operations linked to Pelosi, McCarthy and House’s leadership paint a picture of party officials e big-money donors who recognize the need to heavily finance these campaign committees, with there camera of the house being up for grab in 2022. The Democrats, who they hold the majority, they lost seats in the 2020 election, and Republicans are looking to capitalize.

The Associated Press reported that the campaign arm for House Republicans, the Republican National Congress Committee [NRCC], he outraged his rival for House Democrats, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC], in the second quarter.

Representatives of the campaign for McCarthy and Pelosi did not respond to requests for comment.

Take Back the House 2022, a joint fundraising committee for the NRCC, McCarthy and other House Republicans saw a stroke of luck of over $ 8 million from April to June. This was due to contributions from influential donors, including those on Wall Street, like Nelson Peltz, the CEO of investment company Trian Partners, who gave $ 50,000 to the committee in June.

Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel, he gave over $ 500,000 to the committee that same month. Steven Roth, the CEO of Vornado Realty is an ally of former President Donald Trump gave $ 250,000 in May. Robert Day, the CEO of investment real Oakmont Corp. real estate company, gave $ 100,000 per to group that same month. Howard Lutnick, the CEO of financial service company Cantor Fitzgerald, gave over $ 700,000 to the committee in June, record show.

The leadership of McCarthy PAC, which also raises money for the NRCC and take back the house, also has seen important contributions from big-money donors this past quarter while the GOP tries to win back the majority. The committee, the McCarthy Victory Fund, raised just over $ 2.3 million over the past three months.

Peter Thiel, a billionaire investor who had previous alliances with Trump and has been rampant lately up contributions to GOP candidates, he gave just over $ 47,000 to the McCarthy Victory Fund in April. Doug Leone, an executive at venture joint stock company Sequoia Capital, gave $ 125,000 in May to the Leone committee renounced his support for Trump after the deadly Revolt of January 6th on Capitol. David Urban, Trump’s longtime confidant Trump who he is now an executive in China technology ByteDance company, donated $ 5,000 to the committee in June.

Hairy also I saw a wave of big money enter your joint fundraising account. The Vittoria Fund of Nancy Pelosi, which it collects money for the DCCC, brought in over $ 4 million in the second quarter.

Legendary film producer Steven Spielberg donated $ 150,000 to the fundraising committee in April. Partner movie executive Jeffrey Katzenberg gave $ 100,000 that same month. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google gave over $ 44,000 to the committee in June. Real estate titan George Marcus contributed over $ 260,000 that same month.

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