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Pension system approved by French Senate

France’s right-dominated Senate passed the pension reform bill by 195 to 112 on Saturday, after ten days of heated debate, meaning the Bourne government got its first legislative success on the hotly contested text. in waiting for its introduction. Thursday, amidst protests in decline and workers’ strikes extended since Tuesday, after the approval Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne did not hide her satisfaction with this first legislative success with a vote of 195 votes to 112, and the government hopes to definitively approve the reform in the Assembly national.

Bourne said: ‘An important step has been skipped’, expressing his confidence that ‘there is a majority’ in Parliament to adopt the reform, and said in a tweet on Twitter: “After 100 hours of discussion, the Senate adopts the text of the pension reform, a decisive step for the success of the reform that will ensure the future of our pensions, working hard to allow the definitive ratification (of the reform) in the next days”.


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