Pentagon: Russia did not cut supply lines to Ukraine

As Russia escalates its attacks in eastern Ukraine, a senior United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) official confirmed today Wednesday that Russian forces have failed to cut Ukrainian supply lines despite their continued bombing. , noting that Russia carries out about 50 air strikes a day in Ukraine.

The aid was not bombed

The official added that Russian forces bombed railway and railway stations and power generation centers in Ukraine, explaining that US military aid has not been the subject of Russian attacks.

He also revealed that Russia had kept 2,000 of its soldiers in the vicinity of the city of Mariupol, indicating that the Russians had not advanced into the Donbass region.

Belarus does not want to enter in war

As for the Pentagon’s assessment of Belarus’s accession to the Russian military operation in Ukraine said that Belarus does not want to join in war.

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He also added that the US Department of Defense estimates that Russia will try to control all of Kharkiv due to its importance.

Failure to destroy supply lines

The New York Times cited the reasons for the inertia of the Russian military in an attempt to destroy supply lines that send Western arms shipments in Ukraine.

In this context, US officials said, part of the response is that Ukrainian air defense continues to threaten Russian aircraft and that the more you enter in depth in Ukraine, the greater the chances of taking them down.

These US estimates come as Ukraine prepares for tough days to come, in light of growing estimates and the likelihood of Moscow looking to take a win on the 9th of this month (May 2022), especially as battles against the forces intensify. Russians in the east, but the Kremlin has denied the validity of these accusations.

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