Performance artist eats banana stuck on wall after $ 120,000 sold to Art Basel

Art Basel is currently taking place in Miami, and one of the most remarkable moments has been a work of art of a banana that has been stuck on a wall and sold for a total of $ 120,000. Now that very banana has been eaten by performance artist David Datuna.

The artwork, created by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, began to make headlines after the revelation of the selling price. However, on Saturday, Datuna made a visit to see the room and decided to remove it from the wall and eat it.

He posted the video of himself eating it on his social networks and said in the caption: “Hungry Artist” artistic performance by me. I love the works of Maurizio Cattelan and I really like this installation, it’s very delicious. “

According to TMZ, they spoke to Datuna after the incident, and he told them that he was escorted to a private room where he was met by the police and they took his information. It has not been stopped or cited yet.

However, he reportedly told the site that he could possibly be charged at a later date.

Some people do not know if the coin is still worth the $ 120,000 for which it was sold after banana consumption. However, the “idea” of the piece is current art, and according to the Miami Herald, the owners of the piece received a certificate of authenticity, and were told that the banana could be replaced if needed.

Lucien Terras, director of museum relations at Galerie Perrotin, the place where the piece was exhibited, said: “He did not destroy the work of art. Banana is the idea. “

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