Performer of the Week: Elisabeth Moss

Performer of the Week: Elisabeth Moss

THE PERFORMER | Elisabeth Moss

THE SHOW | The Handmaid’s Tale

THE EPISODE | “The Crossing“ (April 27, 2021)

THE PERFORMANCE | Just when we think we’ve seen June Osborne’s rock bottom, the Hulu drama shows us just how much more horrible things can get. That said: How great was Moss in the very harrowing Episode 3?

Let’s put aside, for a moment, the fact that the stunning hour also was her directorial debut — a well-executed task on its own. But we can’t stop thinking about Moss’ performance, particularly in the scenes in which June dines with Commander Lawrence and then is tossed into a room with her daughter, Hannah, who has been kept from her for years.

Opposite Bradley Whitford’s Lawrence, Moss made June defiant and angry, unwilling to give up the location of the fugitive handmaids, no matter the cost. She peered at him from the end of a long table, eviscerating him with June’s baleful gaze. Long before June told her former commander exactly what he could do to himself, her body language communicated her complete lack of desire to help the investigation: It was as if all of her hatred for Gilead was a focused laser beam, trained solely on him.

So when June was taken unexpectedly to see Hannah, the shock of realizing that her daughter was afraid of her gave Moss the opportunity to play a sudden sea change in her character. In a word: devastating. The Emmy winner took June from obstinate to obliterated, barely able to choke out a word or two between her tears. Moss gave herself over entirely to June’s desolation, and while we wished she hadn’t been brought to the point of confessing the handmaids’ location, Moss helped us understood every bit of why she did it.

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