Peru seizes more than two tons of hidden cocaine in crates of asparagus

Peruvian authorities seized 2.2 tons of hidden cocaine in crates of asparagus that needed to be brought via sea ​​in the Netherlands, police said Saturday.

Police indicated that they had arrested seven Peruvians suspected of involvement in the smuggling operation, while arrest warrants were issued for two Albanian citizens. “We seized 2.2 tons of cocaine, which had to be transported via sea ​​in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, “through the port of Callao near Lima, the chief of the drug police, Colonel Cesar Echevarria, told AFP.

He claimed that two people of Albanian nationality were conducting the operation, noting that “this network has connections in Colombia, Ecuador and Albania “. From the beginning of questyear, the Peruvian police seized about 35 tons of drugs. Peru is one of the largest cocaine producing countries in the world, producing around 400 tons per year, according to official data.