Pete Carroll, Seahawks find new way of failing in 1-yard line with Marshawn Lynch

The Seahawks taking a late-game penalty shootout near the end of their regular season 2019 NFL season may end up speeding their way out of the NFC playoffs. The irony is that the mistake of the game could have happened because coach Pete Carroll was worried about another epic big-game failure on the 1-yard line.

Seattle managed to snatch victory from the jaws of victory again in its 26-21 home loss to San Francisco on Sunday night after failing, like in Super Bowl 49, to run Marshawn Lynch behind the ball near the finish line. – only this time, he shouldn’t have tried it so hard.

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It seemed almost certain that the Seahawks scored their third touchdown of the quarter and took the lead after giving up a first and a goal from 1 with less than half a minute left. Then came a Russell Wilson pin to stop the clock with the remaining 23 seconds. Then came the unacceptable 5-yard penalty in front of the second down to let the game clock run out.

Three games later, and with a questionable defensive interference that didn’t call, the Seahawks came just below the finish line in fourth. Game over.

After the game, Carroll told reporters something interesting: The game delay happened because we wanted to run back (let’s call it “Beast Mode”) in the pending second-down game 1 – a game that never happened because Seattle had to go back to the 6th.

Pete Carroll said the delay was a result of confusion on Seattle’s side to get the game back. It was in an empty backfield the work before. Carroll said it could have been less urgent because players could handle spikes such as time limits incorrectly.

– Brady Henderson (@BradyHenderson) December 30, 2019

This was not a playoff game, but it was the de facto NFC West championship game. Now, instead of going into the Super Bowl 54 as division champions and a seed no. With another game in Seattle, the Seahawks have to travel to another country to play Philadelphia for the second time in seven weeks. On the other hand, they helped put the 49ers in an excellent position to win the NFC seed. 1 with home advantage.

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Unlike the Super Bowl 49, not everything was in line for the Seahawks at the end of Sunday, but there was some aesthetic to the situation, and that was enough for Seattle to find a way to create the same failure.

Keep in mind that Wilson’s and Carroll’s Seahawks would never cease to be what they could have been if they had given the ball to Lynch down 28-24 to the Patriots late in Super Bowl 49 – instead of requesting a Wilson pass from 1 that Malcolm Butler jumped to the finish line and stayed with 26 seconds to play.

Also note that Lynch, returning due to injuries to Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny, was playing his first game for the Seahawks since 2015 and had successfully started in the end zone, in the thunderous delight of the Seahawks’ Puppets. , after getting the ball to 1 earlier in the fourth quarter.

This classic game of Beast Mode, as one would expect, gave the Seahawks a spark to hit with the 49ers until the end before the end, after showing a bit of offense when they finished 13-0 at halftime.

Carroll is fueled by emotion. this trait is part of the reason why it was so successful. His rah-rah was translated by USC much better than one would expect in Seattle and helped him turn the Seahawks into consistent NFC contenders and Super Bowl champions. Wilson is every bit of a rah-rah QB as an extension of Carroll.

But the feeling behind the possibility of allowing Lynch to win the game and division winner on his inspirational return could be costly. Rational condition guidance and watch management were needed at that time. The heart no doubt called for “Beast Mode”, as if it created a chance to give the ball to 1 would make changes to what didn’t happen in Super Bowl 49. The head demanded not to lose first with Wilson and staying in a state of passage outside the spread.

The good news this time around is the Seahawks’ playoff dreams, which didn’t come out of this crash. They live and die from close play and depend on Wilson to save the day when things are not right – which is not really a bad plan.

The Seahawks blocked their way to the end zone with an unfortunate delay. Unfortunately for them, this poor clock management means they are looking at a playoff barricade as a wild card group.

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