Peter Schiff Predicts Bitcoin’s Worthlessness and Imminent Demise

Peter Schiff, who has been very vocal about not liking BTC, said again that he thinks the most popular cryptocurrency will one day be worthless.

Peter Schiff Predicts Bitcoin's Worthlessness and Imminent Demise

Someone made fun of Schiff by bringing up his argument about bitcoin in 2017. The user remembers that Schiff told everyone that bitcoin, worth $5,000 at the time, would be worthless soon.

The person went on to say that he was glad he had put money into bitcoin. Schiff said in response, “It’s still going toward zero.” Just going down a long road.”

Schiff has been a critic of bitcoin for a long time, and he has always said that he thinks it will fail. On the other hand, bitcoin has shown that it is a vital asset by staying strong through several market slumps and other nasty things.

Despite hearing good things about it, Schiff has kept his mind about bitcoin.