Pfizer CEO: We may need to vaccinate every year to get rid of the corona

Today, Monday, Pfizer CEO Albert Borla predicts that the world will undergo an annual revaccination against the Corona virus to maintain and eliminate public safety.

And he added, in an interview with “CNBC”, which expected several months ago that the most likely scenario is that after the third dose, we will have to be revaccinated annually against Covid.

He said Pfizer plans to produce 80 million doses of anti-mutants for the Covid-19 virus.

Borla expressed his confidence that the new drug will not be affected by the Omicron mutated variant of the Corona virus.

He explained that the company will know more details about the new variant in the coming weeks.

The companies Pfizer and Biontech, the makers of the emerging coronavirus vaccine, have announced that they are gathering information on the “Omicron” mutant to discuss the possibility of modifying their vaccines.

On Sunday, the two companies said they would be in able to export modified vaccines against the new mutant within 100 days.

For its part, Pfizer Inc. said it has signed a $ 5.29 billion deal with the US government to provide 10 million doses of its investigational drug against Covid-19 strains. in one moment in which the United States is rushing to secure promising oral treatments for this disease.

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