Pfizer: We are working on new vaccines that target Omicron and other mutant mutants

Pfizer said it is working on new vaccines that fight the Micron and other coronaviruses.

“We are still not sure if a fourth dose of the crown booster is needed,” Pfizer’s CEO said.

Pfizer has signed three agreements to expand the use of the mRNA technology on which the COVID-19 vaccine is based, including a $ 1.35 billion deal.

The pharmaceutical giant was looking to ramp up the development of mRNA-based vaccines and therapies after leading global efforts to develop a possibility against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Monday, he said he would pay Beam $ 300 million in advance to conduct research on three new treatment goals outside existing programs.

The US pharmaceutical company will be responsible for developing regulatory goals and activities, with the ability to sign exclusive global licenses for each.

Beam, whose shares were up 8% in the trading pre-market, it went public in February 2020 and is using mRNA technology to develop treatments for rare genetic diseases.

Pfizer will also partner with Codex DNA Inc (DNAY.O) for an undisclosed amount to benefit from biotechnology technology, which could enable more efficient development of vaccines, therapies and other mRNA-based biopharmaceuticals.

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