Phaedra Parks opens the door to her mansion to show off her holiday decorations – Here’s what she gave her sons

Phaedra Parks shows off her amazing Christmas decorations and thanks the Daily Mail for visiting. She also revealed part of the Christmas surprise she had prepared for her two sons. Check out his post below.

‘#Thank you @dailymailtv & @dailymail for stopping by to see my # Christmas decorations ???? #home for the #holidays designs by @chavien MUA: @makeupmadnessbycherry thanks @jacquemgido for the beautiful foundation shades and brow gel ???? to read / watch the interview visit ???? # countdown to Christmas # 5 #days left Pha ‘Phaedra has captioned his message.

A fan posted this: “Hey, cute pie !! You’re so beautiful, sister. I love you @phaedraparks.”

Someone else said, “ Merry Christmas girly, may God continue to bless you and your family, I love your style, continue to make love to you girly, may God bless you merry Christmas ”, and another disciple wrote: “ SO BEAUTIFUL PHAE GORGEOUS Home Congratulations Happy Holidays to You and the NJOY boys.

A disciple congratulated Phaedra: “Congratulations PhaPha. When you’re covered in blood honey, you’re covered ???????? ’

Another commenter posted: “It is you who make this house a mansion with your magnificent beauty and a finer figure of wine than in good taste, just you add overall value to this building.”

Someone said, “Good job baby so happy for you who say you can’t do it heck is a continuous lie I’m behind you”

Another follower posted this: “Magnificent! #BOSS Love you @phaedraparks, your house is as beautiful as you are. Happy Holidays. ‘

Not so long ago, Phaedra started the holiday season. She shared a photo in which she wore a gorgeous bodycon dress at the party where she is celebrating a friend’s birthday.


She was magnificent and her fans fully agree.

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