Phaedra Parks Praises Women She Calls “Sisters” and “Inspiration” – See Her Photo and Message

Phaedra Parks just congratulated two of the women she called her sisters and also the inspiration. Discover the post she decided to share on her social networks just before NYE.

“Only these two ladies could get me down from my massage table to laugh, think and make our sister speak our mirror!” @leandriaj & @iamdianemoss I love you for life forever # inspire me, # challenge me and # love me at the same time! # 2020 is our year! #letsgo #sisters ???????????????????????? ’Phaedra captioned his message.

Someone said, “There’s a million dollar smile, it’s a blessing to be around a real vacation from real people,” and another fan posted this, “My whole team‼ ️ love these three ladies here ❤️ “

One commentator wrote, “RHOA was not the same without you. We miss you! Bring # bringbackphaedra “, and someone else asked,” When are we going to see you on TV ??? Miss you see @phaedraparks. “

Another follower said, “RHOA was not the same without you. We miss you! ???? # bringbackphaedra. “

Phaedra has been very wise these days on her account on social networks and one of her recent messages proves it.

Before New Year’s Eve, Phaedra shared a few words of wisdom with his followers on IG.

“As you get older, your Christmas list gets shorter because the gifts you want can’t be bought ???? #family #children #love #peace & #joy #happyholidays ????” Phaedra captioned her message.


Fans and followers were completely there for this post, and they congratulated Phaedra in the comments.

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