Phaedra Parks video featuring her two boys, Ayden and Dylan, will make your day

Phaedra Parks shared a video featuring her two boys for Christmas. The young men are really adorable while wishing people a Merry Christmas as you will see below.

“ #Happy #holidays may you know and feel the true sense of the #season #family #love #joy #peace & #happiness ❣️ if this time of year brings you sadness #God comforts and keeps you ???? ???? ” Phaedra captioned his post.

Someone said, “The boys are growing up and looking super handsome, and I know they are smart, because their mother will not have it any other way. ???? I can say that they lack nothing. Congratulations to you my sister! You are doing EXCEPTIONAL work! I love you ???? ’

Another follower also wished Phaedra all the best and posted this: “Happy Holidays Phaedra, Ayden and Dylan, bless you”, while another fan posted: “So beautiful! Happy holidays to you too! Stay blessed ❤️ »

Another fan wished the lady all the best: “Phaedra Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family”, and someone else said: “Merry Christmas and happy holidays @phaedraparks Ayden aka Prince and Dylan aka Mr.President???? “

Someone else posted this, “Merry Christmas to you, little prince, and mr. President @phaedraparks! Thank you very much for my Christmas cameo from @stella__warner! It made my vacation! “

One fan said: “Happy Holidays to you and the prince and the president”, you did a great job raising your sons @phaedraparks ???????? “


Most recently, Phaedra shared a photo of her with the beautiful Christmas tree behind her, and fans can’t stop praising the lady. Many followers have said they want her back on RHOA.

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