Pharaonic ruins in central Spain baffle scientists

Archaeologists from the University of Salamanca, Spain, discovered a gold leaf ceramic object at an archaeological site in Spain that at first seemed very strange.

According to the American magazine Art News, the strange pottery found belongs to a group of other artifacts, including amulets, colored pottery and other jewelry of Egyptian and Mediterranean origin, which were discovered by experts in Cerro de San. Vicente site in the central region in Spain.

And the American magazine added that researchers believe that the large ceramic figure, which is a single unprecedented work, depicted on top of a large image of the goddess Hathor, the daughter of the Egyptian sun god Ra, and the mother of Horus, the falcon, is a headed deity in Egyptian mythology, and in ancient Egypt, fragments of this type were made on flat surfaces to depict images of deities with unparalleled accuracy.

She added that the recently discovered fragment, about five centimeters in size, depicts the lower part of the goddess’s hair and was found in a three-room building located at the site, along with other items including a shark tooth, necklace beads and a piece of clay, a separate artifact was found at the site. depicting the same goddess in 2021.

She pointed out that archaeologists have been excavating for three decades at the Spanish settlement near the Tormes River, since the researchers conducting the excavations believe that the inhabitants of the ancient community deliberately destroyed the place of residence, since the things were found between 650 and 575 BC . for unknown purposes, and they also believe that a foreign official brought artifacts from Egypt as gifts or trade items to a residential settlement that may have served as a meeting place for them.

She explained that the presence of Egyptian artifacts could raise questions about the site, what was done there, and how the Egyptian antiquities ended up there.

Source: Al-Dutur newspaper.

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