Philadelphia Floyd Joel Farabee suspended for Jets interference forward Mathieu Perreault

Philadelphia Flyers wing Joel Farabee has suspended three games due to his interference penalty against the Winnipeg Jets forward Mathieu Perreault in Sunday’s second round, the NHL Player Safety Department has announced.

During the game, Farabee hit Perreault as he ran on ice, ignoring the upcoming check. “Players who do not own the bet are never eligible for control,” explained the Player Safety Department. “However, the interception rule provides a short window where a player who starts a check while his opponent is in possession of the puck can finish the blow.

Farabee was assessed for a five-minute serious sentence for game interference and violation.

The Flyers forward has three goals and 11 points in 27 games this season. He will be eligible to return to action on Monday, December 23 against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

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Perreault left the game with an injury to his upper body and did not return during his 7-3 win.

“This is the most dangerous game in hockey,” Jets coach Paul Maurice said after the game.

The Jets winger was not in action on Monday and the team said they were treating him as if he had a concussion despite Perreault feeling “very good”.

“You can pass your exams and continue to have symptoms similar to concussion. We will get any of these symptoms and just say we run it through the protocol,” Maurice said. “Just because a man doesn’t try with a concussion doesn’t necessarily change the way you treat him.”

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