Phoenix Point is only available at the Epic Game Store because developers dropped the ball.

Phoenix Point, the new game of co-developer of the original X-Com: UFO Defense, is available now and the reviews are mixed. The developer announced earlier this year that Phoenix Point will come to the Epic Games Store instead of Steam, and there were plans to publish it on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Windows Store at the same time. The developer snapshot games, however, state that they “dropped the ball” and can not say when those versions will be ready.

“We know that some of you are waiting for our release in the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass for PC and in the Microsoft Windows Store,” a member of Snapshot Games wrote in the game’s official forums. “Fact is, we dropped the ball. We were extremely busy preparing the game ourselves, and since we do not have any experience with Game Pass and the Microsoft Store, we simply did not have the right conditions to publish the game on these platforms on time. “

The release assumes that the complexity of the Microsoft certification and a legal review have surprised them and led to unforeseen delays. That’s why the game is not there yet.

“Currently, we can not provide the same content on the Microsoft platform that is available to players on other platforms.” Since we want to ensure that all players have access to all versions of Phoenix Point, regardless of where they play, we need to get this up and running before we can release. “

They added that there is no estimated time of arrival at this time. That makes it de facto an exclusive Epic Games Store.

Of course, Phoenix Point should not appear in the Epic Games Store at all. The original figurine crowdfunding campaign promised a Steam release for the strategy game. Polygon has contacted Snapshot Games, Microsoft, and Fig for more information.

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