Photos: Anil Kapoor celebrates his birthday in London

If you thought 63 is old, you better take a look at Anil Kapoor. He responds to Benjimin Button in India and gives each young actor a run for their money. Father of three, Anil Kapoor can still play the main actor as convincingly as any newcomer to the world of cinema.

Celebrating his youth in a European style, Anil brought his birthday with a chic party with friends and family in London. Wine, a cute birthday cake and good company, Anil Kapoor shows us in this photo how birthdays should be made.

Scroll down to see all the fun of his birthday in London.


Anil Kapoor


Anil Kapoor


Anil Kapoor


Anil Kapoor


Anil Kapoor


Anil Kapoor

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