Physicist Suggests Spinning Lasers Could Unlock the Possibility of Time Travel

Ronald Mallett is on a mission to make a laser-powered time machine that works in the real world. Since he was a child, he has been interested in the idea. He is now 77 years old. He used to teach physics at the University of Connecticut, and he still thinks that a spinning laser loop can always bend time.

But it will be hard because, based on what we know about physics now, going back in time is impossible, even though science fiction often shows it happening.

As far as we know, the laws of physics don’t let us go back in time in a way that would make sense regarding causality. This means that things can only happen after their causes. But the idea of wormholes and the theory of general relativity make it possible to travel through time. But these models are based on much guesswork and need conditions we can’t reach with our current technology. So, even though time travel is still a common theme in science fiction, it’s not possible based on what we know about science.

Physicist Suggests Spinning Lasers Could Unlock the Possibility of Time Travel

But he thinks Mallett may have found a way out. A recent article in The Guardian says he plans to make a fake black hole. This could create a gravitational field that could lead to time loops and the ability to travel to the past. Since 2019, the prototype has sent out a light beam that keeps rotating.

“Light can make gravity, and if gravity can change time, then light itself can change time,” says Mallett.

“Let’s say you’re looking at a cup of coffee right now,” he tells The Guardian. “Start moving the spoon through the coffee.”

“It began to move around, right? That’s what a black hole does when it spins. Einstein’s theory says that space and time are linked. It’s called “space-time” because of this. As the black hole spins, time will bend around it,” he said.