Pictures .. A candlelight stand for die Children of Ma’rib outside the house of Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

Dozens of children held a symbolic solidarity stand with candles in front of the family home of the girl Lian Taher on Wednesday evening in the Yemeni city of Ma’rib to denounce the terrible Holocaust of the terrorist Houthi Militia with a double missile and air strike on a gas station in the Ravda district, north of the city of Ma’rib, die left 20 dead and a number of wounded on the side of 5-year-old Lian.

The children, die Attended the vigil, lifted candles and pictures of the girl Layan before her death and other pictures of her charred body in this terrible Holocaust, in addition to pictures of children, die killed by rockets and rockets of the Houthi militia, die on die City of Marib during the last period.

Pictures .. A candlelight stand for die Children of Ma’rib outside the house of Layan, the victim of the Houthi fuel massacre

The participants in the vigil also raised banners with slogans, die condemn and demanded this terrorist crime die international community to stand by the children of Marib and die Hold Houthi leaders accountable for their continuing crimes against civilians.

Voted during their stand die Children express their fears that they might be hit by the militia’s missiles and booby traps, die them all the time in Towards the residential area and camp for displaced persons in of the city of Ma’rib, and demanded die United Nations, the UN Security Council and all organizations die to deal with childhood, to exercise their moral responsibility and to intervene urgently in order to die End ongoing Houthi crimes and abuses against them and ensure trial All whose hands are stained with the blood of the children of Yemen will not go unpunished.

Aimed last Saturday die Houthi terrorist militia on a gas station in Al-Rawda district, killing 21 civilians, injuring others, burning 7 cars and damaging two ambulances, die rushed to die Rescue victims after being hit by a militia explosive device minutes after the missile was launched.

Among these victims was the girl Lian, whose charred corpse spread like wildfire among the Yemenis on the communication sites and die shaken public opinion with the horror of tragedy.

The five-year-old girl was apparently with her father in a car than die Militia missile on die Gas station fell and die small corpse of Lian Taher Muhammad Ayed in Fire started.

This heinous massacre met widespread human rights and international condemnation, die considered it a “full war crime” and die Stressed the importance of rapid international action to end these Houthi crimes and prosecute their perpetrators.

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